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Initial Consultation

$350 | 1 Hour with 2 Consultants

After thoroughly reviewing your student's academic records, our team of college consultants will meet with you and your student to discuss the college planning process. This one-hour consultation is an excellent opportunity to answer questions specific to your child and to clarify future college planning needs.  You'll provide current high school transcripts and test scores prior to this meeting.

Each consultation is unique to the student but will, in general, include these services:

  • Provide an overview of the college admissions and application process
  • Conduct thorough academic review
  • Check transcript for accuracy, utilizing our exclusive GPA Calculator
  • Compare grades and test scores to school profiles of a variety of schools
  • Begin an early discussion of college list
  • Discuss course selections and extracurricular activities
Initial Consultation
Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive College Planning

$4,300 Base Price | 15 Sessions | The initial consulting fee will be applied toward this package. 

After an initial consultation, we offer a comprehensive college planning package that can start at any point in high school and continues through the college application process.

Each student's situation and goals are unique, so the services we provide during this series of sessions varies. Here is a range of services that may apply for your student:

  • Provide comprehensive academic and personal interest evaluation
  • Provide curricular and extracurricular guidance
  • Assist with summer activity planning and resume building
  • Develop standardized testing strategies and timeline
  • Analyze unique talents, circumstances, and experiences influencing college choices
  • Provide summary emails after each session to both student and parent(s)
  • Develop a unique college list of best-match colleges
  • Provide comprehensive essay preparation support
  • Manage college application requirements and deadlines
  • Assist and review up to eight student-prepared applications
  • Identify potential institutional, corporate and organizational awards 
  • Review the financial aid process with parents
  • Advise on final college decision

"It was truly a joyful college notification week with acceptances from Stanford, Brown, Duke, the University of Virginia Echols Scholar Program, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, UF, and a Harvard Wait List status. were instrumental in helping me to get to this point, and holding my hand through the year-long process of college and scholarship applications.  You were my cheerleader!"

"... to say “thank you” for being so wonderful throughout the college admissions process.  You were a stellar right-hand woman, and your patience and goodness were oases in the stressful desert.  You rock, basically – thank you so much!      PS  Fully committed to Yale"

"...a HUGE debt of gratitude for your exquisite combination of personal dedication and attention, and highest professionalism."

"Applying to 9 schools was a logistical nightmare, yet you provided clear and steady guidance throughout ….. allowed me to develop my own applications and relationships with admissions officers …….. introduced me to the world of scholarship applications.  You have been my best friend, staunch advocate, and catalyst."

Additional Services

The following services have limited availability.

Flexible payment plans are available. Payments may be made by check or credit card.  Prices effective January 1, 2019.

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